Journalism Redefined

Tom Davies' blog on student life, economics, education etc.


Print journalist, broadcast presenter and producer. Warwick economics graduate, private tutor and former teacher. Writes on finance, education, sports and student life. Published by the New Statesman, Sky News website and MoneyWeek Magazine. CV available here.

Writer of the third most read article in the history of  the Warwick Boar.

Featured on student media showcase website Ones to Watch: Is Your Degree Worth More Than a Piece of Paper?. Associated forum thread has generated 11,693 views and 233 responses (22/07/2012).

Tom Davies is a competent and engaging writer, who has a unique knack of hooking in his readers quickly. He is capable of writing both humorous satirical pieces and serious comment articles on a range of topical issues. Tom has written some of the Boar’s most read (and most controversial) articles which have been well-received by many. He writes clearly and concisely with a friendly yet informed style, and has the confidence to question and analyse any subject thoroughly.   Tash Clark, Editor, The Boar.

Currently exploring all media opportunities.


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